What is Themophiles?

Howdy all, Welcome to Themophiles.com. This is my first post & here I am writing what actually is this “Themophiles” ? What does it mean and from where is it originated?

At first, let me tell you one thing that this is not a grammatically correct English language word ( aleast till now ūüôā ¬†) This word is made by combining these two words. The first word is¬†¬†“Theme” which means a¬†template designed specifically for ¬†enhancing ¬†the visual appearance and usability of a blog or website & ¬†the second word¬†” Phile” which is a suffix showing love,attraction or affinity to something ( in this context¬†affinity¬†to website’s design).

Hence in combined form “Themophiles” refer all the people who love the UI ( User Interface) or the visual layout of the blogs,websites or just anything which can be seen on the internet.

Put it simply in the context of this website, themophiles means “the WordPress theme lovers”



Themophiles.com came into existence on 15th February 2013 . Primarily it was aimed to provide the  latest updates about the best of Premium Themes,Professional Templates,Plugins & Extensions designed exclusively for WordPress,Joomla & other HTML based websites & Blogs to its users.

Our old logo:



Our new logo:

Themophiles- Logo For Year 2016-2

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