WordPress Free Service Closed?

Since Thursday morning I was trying to make a new blog on WordPress.com , But, Unfortunately I was not able to do so, Reason I don’t know and I am still facing the same problem when I tried to do just before writing this article. Now Let me tell you in detail what is happening really…

wordpress-logo by themophiles

wordpress-logo by themophiles

After logging in into my wordpress account, I clicked on – Creat New blog.

The first thing which we need to decide and enter is the blog address.

wordpress sign up

wordpress sign up







Now as you can see in the at the TOP RIGHT corner, you will see a notification message shown as “Checking” which basically means that wordpress is checking whether this subdomain is available or not. but unfortunately  even after waiting  for hours, it is showing the same message ( ie. checking). Now let me tell you clearly that its not for the first time I am making any blog on WordPress.com so if you are thinking that I am making any mistakes then  I am sorry but you are not right. my present WP blogs are themophiles.wordpress.com or nanovision.wordpress.com ( Just for info. 🙂 )

I thought may be there is any problem in internet connection,so I tried opening google.com, The most popular internet search engine used many times just to check internet connection and see it appeared at lightning speed. I tried even new log in ID for wordpress,  other laptop, other network or just everything that I could change to make it possible, but nothing was worthy.


Here is a short YouTube Video I have made during this happening and uploaded it to Themophiles.com official YouTube Channel.

What is Case with The Paid Service?

Hmm, Great question ! I don’t know whether its fortune or unfortune for bloggers,but the paid service provided by WordPress.com  is still working very fine. let me tell you how. during this checking when I tried other paid option available during blog creation process. When I chose .com registration or .net registration for the same blog name, WordPress show its result very fast and you will not even got a chance to see the checking notification.

wordpress free not working

wordpress free not working

As you an see in the picture on your left as I opt for paid domain status appeared quickly. Even after searching ,working and trying for the same thing for last 18 hours, I am not still not able to figure what WordPress is really doing with the free bloggers. Are they going to shutdown the free service or it is just a technical problem which will resolved soon or this is the case appearing only  in india.

At Last I tried this trick, searched for available wordpress subdomain by opening it directly in browser and filled the sign up for carefully and clicked on CREATE A BLOG BUTTON by agreeing with so called  the fascinating terms of service or WordPress, But again I failed.

Here is what appeared after clicking the create a blog option.

sorry message-wp





I have already sent them the error report. let me wait for the reply.



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