TimThumb Not Working ? Fix it Now !

Timthumb not working or timthumb not displaying images correctly or there is some image resizing issue with your wordpress site. Read this tutorial for the fix it now !

Recently while working on the proper designing of my wordpress website user interface, I noticed that the thumbnail images timthumbnotworkingissue-themophiles1that were showing on my homepage were not resized properly, It means that  each the thumbnails had same width but different heights . As you can see  in the snapshot on the right side.

In this snapshot,  the first post ( which is a featured post hence was set to little larger width) is too much in height  and the two other post showing just below the first post is also having different heights though having same width. This made my homepage look ugly and not properly formatted.

One thing I want to clarify before going further that I have changed the setting in a way that the first image uploaded in my post will be shown as “featured post” so that there is no need to upload featured post separately . Now, each post have image of different sizes, which when shown as a featured post, by default still maintain the aspect ratio while changing its width as per thumbnail setting. ( With TimThumb option disabled )

Now, to make my homepage look pretty, I started searching for the proper solution to make each image in their thumbnail avatar,  look similar in width and height , and soon find a resolution.

Here is what you need to do if you have the same problem,


Log in as wordpress admin .

Go to theme option ( In my case its wootheme’s canvas theme )- and then to “Dynamic Images” and then “Resizer Setting”, You will see some option to check or uncheck for “WP Post Thumbnail”  “WP Post Thumbnail – Hard Crop ” and “TimThumb ” and “WP Post Thumbnail – Dynamic Image Resizing” ,

In my case all these options were checked in, but  “TimThumb” were unchecked.  Fill the check mark for it to, Thats it , Now you will see all the thumbnails are of equal width and height as specified by you.


Though image resizing problem was solved, but a new problem came into existence , there were some thumbnails that were broken, means featured images were not showing properly, similarly the small thumbnails showing in the “Popular Post” section of  “wootabs” ( As in my case I am using Woo’s Canvas theme on my site ) website was also broken, Here is the snapshot :


By disabling timthumb option, I found that this problem disappeared but then image resizing problem ( thumbnail images with different aspect ration )started, means one thing was sure that this problem was being caused by TimThumb , but I can’t disable it because of its vital role in hard-cropping and dynamic image resizing functions.

After working a lot on this issue, I successfully found a fix of it. Here is what I learnt and how you also can solve this issue.

These days, almost every theme have timthumb.php inbuilt into it 

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