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ShareASale is a affiliate marketing networking company based in Chicago, IL USA which was founded in 2000 by Brian Littleton, and to date has over 2,600 merchant programs . ShareASale services two customer sets in affiliate marketing: the affiliate, and the merchant.

shareasale links and banners

When you will logged in inside ShareASale Account,you will find 7 text links and 21 banners and an option to create custom links.

shareasale links and banners1

Here are the HTML CODE for text link number-1  ( ie. Find a sponsor for your web siteGet paid for your great content.

YOU SHOULD COPY AND PASTE THIS CODE EXACTLY, TO BE ASSURED THAT THE LINKS WILL OPERATE. You can edit the HTML within this code, but it is recommended only if you are familiar with HTML code.


The following is the SHORTEST CODE AVAILABLE, and is the source that should be used when placing a text link in an email message, or when using your own text.

Please remember that does not tolerate SPAM messages. Anyone caught SPAMming will be removed from ShareASale.


These 7 text links are :


Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content.


Let find sales leads for you. Only pay when it works!


Drive more traffic to your online store using performance based marketing.


Learn how we can increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site.



Join, Earn Cash!


Promote Your Online Store

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