Remove word “category” from your WordPress URL

The better and logical permalinks for great SEO is supposed to be like or .Though for single posts , this can be simply achieved by going to WordPress Dashboard, then go to Settings and then click “Permalinks” . Here you can choose the custom structure and write /%postname

This is will give URL like

and if you want to have post URL like

then fill the blank space with /%category%/%postname%/

Here is the snapshot of what you need to do

and here is the example snapshot of what you will get


But even after doing this, when you click on any category or menu item, you see a URL structure like this.

Here is one real example from my own website, previously when someone clicks the category “news” , it will show this URL

url themophiles

Many people find it good for SEO but I don’t like it. To remove the word from Post URLs and also when you click any category. Simply do this.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashbaord- Settings- Permalinks
  2. Write ” /%category%/%postname%/ ” in the black space provided under “Custom Structure”
  3. write ”  . ” in the Category Base as shown below.

remove category URL from WOrdpress themophiles

That’s it, now you will see it the way you wanted.

There are some plugins that will do this for you very easily. Two such plugins are

  1. Remove Category URL.
  2. FV Top Level Categories.

but I recommend you to do it manually as instructed above.

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