WooThemes Customers – Be Sure, Your Credit Card is Safe !

Over the past 3 days , Some reports are coming  from woothemes customers about  fraudulent activities on customer’s credit cards. Woothemes have taken  these matters very seriously and immediately investigated each case to try and determine any pattern and the severity of any potential breach.

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Important information for all WooThemes Customers

In the form of an official mail from ”  help@woothemes.com  ” an important notice has been sent to each woothemes customers which mentioned the fact that woothemes team do not store any credit card details on their site, nor does WooCommerce, which makes this investigation that much more difficult to pin point.

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Following steps are taken by WooThemes Team :

  • WooThemes Team contacted Sucuri who have conducted a code & security audit
  • WooThemes Team requested a full review by their host and payment gateway
  • WooThemes Team updated their SSL certificate
  • As a pre-cautionary measure WooThemes Team changed their payment gateway to a completely offsite payment method – being PayPal Express.

As Woothemes Says:

Sucuri discovered 3 modified files on our server pointing towards an attack. It can not be said this is the reason for any leaked credit card information, and investigations continue.

To be on the safe side we urge all customers to check their cards for any fraudulent activity and letting both us and your bank know if you discover any unusual charges.

We realise every word will be scrutinised in any official response from us, as will the timing of our communication. We apologise for any inconvenience or panic caused. Our team are working as fast as humanly possible to get to the bottom of this and we will update you with any further news as soon as we have any.

If any of woothemes customer still facing any security  issue, they may contact woothemes at ” help@woothemes.com “

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